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How to clean the conveyor belt

Issuing time:2019-12-16 00:00

  The conveyor belt is generally used to transport some dirty materials, so after long-term use, the dirt on the materials will not only affect the speed of transportation, but also sometimes cause the conveyor belt to deviate, so we need to clean it in time after long-term use to keep the belt clean. So how to clean the conveyor belt? Let's let the professional belt manufacturers to give you a corresponding explanation.

  1、First of all, before cleaning, all electrical equipment that is afraid of water shall be wrapped with plastic film to prevent short circuit of motor caused by water.

  2、Close the steam valve and observe the tension device to adjust the pressure of the equipment.

  3、Check the working condition of the cleaning machine and check whether the conveyor belt is in good condition. The damaged parts must be repaired in advance before cleaning.

  4、In order to clean the conveyor belt better, the belt should be soaked before cleaning.

  5、Spray the evenly stirred cleaning solution with a low-pressure spray gun. Be sure not to use a high-pressure spray gun, because it will damage the surface of the belt. When washing the spray gun, be careful not to repeatedly wash the same position.

  6、Finally, clean it with water. Check the dirt on the belt and dry the belt after cleaning to prevent mildew.

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