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Fabrication process of cushion idler roll

Issuing time:2020-06-13 19:10

Fabrication process of cushion idler roll

A. The ingredients

1. Shaft: 20# cold-drawn round steel is used for processing. After processing, burr is removed.

2. Bearing pedestal, inner baffle ring, outer baffle ring, baffle and so on are made of 08F cold rolled plate, and the finished product shall not have surface drawing, fracture, crack, underside inequality defect, and at the same time, it shall ensure the concentricity of inner and outer circles and external tolerance size.

Sealing ring. Inner sealing ring. Outer sealing ring is nylon injection product, and it shall be inspected without cracks during the acceptance of outer processing. Flash and burr, the sealing ring shall be smooth, the local low concave defect shall not be greater than 0.5mm, injection bubble shall not be greater than 0.5mm, there shall not be more than 2 per square centimeter, and the total number shall not be more than 5. When the axial force is 1500N, the axial deformation shall not exceed 0.5mm.

4. Roll skin, Q235B seamless steel tube processing.

5. Bearings, retainers, etc., are purchased.

6. Rubber ring, poured with industrial rubber 1260, is not allowed to have air holes, cracks and other defects. Rubber should be durable and elastic.

2. Assembly

1. The roller parts, bearing seats shall be welded on both sides of the barrel skin. The welding seam shall be carbon dioxide gas shielded welding or J422 welding rod below 1.4mm.

2. During assembly, fill the oil chamber before and after the bearing with butter, and add 1/2 space of lithium grease in the sealing groove and bearing.

3. After the roller is assembled, under 500N axial pressure, the axial displacement of the roller is no more than 0.7mm. When the belt velocity is less than 3.15m/s, the radial runout of the roller's outer circle is less than 0.7mm.

4. After the horizontal and vertical drop test of supporting roller at a height of 1 meter, the roll parts shall meet the following requirements :(1) the roll parts and welds shall not be damaged or cracked, and the joint shall not become loose. (2) The axial displacement of the roller shall not be greater than 1.5mm.

5. Install rubber ring, press both sides with baffle ring, and then spot welding.

6. When the assembly is completed, it shall ensure that the rotation is flexible and the assembly size is within the scope required by the drawing.

7. Maintain both sides of the shaft with grease according to the loading parts.

Iii. Derusting and painting

1. Remove rolled oxide skin, rust and foreign matter.

2. Exposed non-compatible surfaces should be coated with a finish coat or primer and dry film thickness at least 35 m.

3. Primer. The coating of intermediate layer is not allowed to have pinhole, bubble, crack, fall off, flow hanging, leakage coating and other defects

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